5 Excellent Blogs About Storytelling

2 min readJul 25, 2018

The below writers know a thing or two about the craft.

Blogs can be an excellent source of learning.

It sometimes takes a bit of time to hunt down the good ones but when you do come across one you’ll be hitting the refresh button constantly in the hope of a fresh post.

We believe the following 5 blogs will teach you (either directly or indirectly) to be a better storyteller:

1. Dave Trott’s blog

It may not come as a huge surprise to you to know that Dave is a legend of the UK advertising industry. After all, ad men need to be masterful storytellers to get their point across quickly and, at the same time, make it memorable. All his posts are engaging to read and learn from.

2. Wait But Why? — Tim Urban

Tim Urban’s blog is a joy to read. His style and tone makes you want to keep on reading and this is important given the length of some of his posts! Humour is a wonderful tool in the storyteller’s arsenal and Tim has mastered it perfectly. Oh and Elon Musk counts it as one of his favourite blogs out there. Enjoy.

3. Robert McKee’s blog

McKee is one of the giants of screenwriting and his blog is full of golden nuggets to help you sharpen your storytelling abilities. One to plunder gloriously.

4. Jonathan Gottschall’s blog

Gottschall is an American literary scholar specialising in literature and evolution. He also wrote a great book The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human which probably qualifies him to offer us some great advice and insight into the craft. Lots of interesting lessons on storytelling here.

5. Buzzfeed

Bear with us on this last choice. Despite any reservations you may have, this company has made an enormous success of grabbing people’s attention. This is paramount. If your story doesn’t make it through the attention filter it doesn’t matter what it’s about. Many tricks of the trade to be learnt from studying the way this site presents its content.

Any other good storytelling blogs you’ve come across lately? Please share them in the comments below.




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