Five ways to get a better night’s sleep

2 min readJul 16, 2018

Follow the below tips to wake up feeling properly rested.

We could all do with a better night’s rest right?

Sleep is something we all know is important but we don’t always feel like we get enough of it. Luckily, there have been a number of excellent books on the subject in recent years and here are five tips that will help you take back control of the nighttime.

1. No screens to bed — According to the 2015 Consumer Mobility Report, over 70 percent of people keep their phones next to the bed whilst they sleep. The blue light that comes off your screen suppresses your natural production of melatonin, a substance that helps us get to sleep. It’s one of the reasons so many people stay up later than their natural bedtime. If you really must check your phone at night Apple have a Night Shift feature.

2. Lavender — This medicinal herb can help boost the quality of your sleep. It was commonly used in ancient Greek and Roman bathhouses to help customers relax. Modern science has confirmed the powers of lavender. It has been proven to slow heart rate, decrease blood pressure and lower skin temperature — important factors in getting to sleep.

3. Invest in a good mattress — A poor quality mattress will result in disrupted sleep. Make sure that you also buy good quality bed linen and change your sheets often. It is also advisable to change your pillows every six months.

4. Sleep in the dark — For the body’s circadian rhythm to work effectively it’s important to ensure your room is as dark as possible. Make sure there’s no light coming in through from the doors or windows and that any electronic devices are switched off to avoid any blinking red lights.

5. Avoid stimulants — Try to avoid caffeine after midday and stay clear of alcohol if you are having trouble sleeping. Whilst alcohol may help you to fall asleep, it disrupts the quality of your sleep.

Any other tips? Please let us know below.

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