First off, the industry is never getting back to ‘normal’.

  • The pandemic.
  • A ‘dramatically heightened emphasis on social issues’ and daily demonstrations.
  • Extreme political and social opinion polarisation.

The marketing world has new core values.

  • Fast: keeping up with the changes in the industry and what your audience wants has never been more important. 💨
  • Nimble: adapt or die. Especially in turbulent times such as these.
  • Flexible: allowing for change in working life/ styles for staff, what we offer to clients and for ourselves to fit into the new normal.
  • Cost-effective: every dollar saved in a world heading into a recession always pays dividends. There is a need to do more with less. 🤑

‘People will always find more ways to create their own niches.’

  • Smarts: remember smarts is not equal to your IQ. 🧠
  • Talent: recognise where your natural propensity lies — try things that you’re good at. 💥
  • Passion: think about what gets you up in the morning and do more of that. 🔥
  • Curiosity: we learn through trial and error so remember to keep learning (psst…go to 🔎
  • Experience: if you’re young (or not) and you can’t find a job in what you want to do, make your own experience. 👏

What will the ‘back to work’ world be like?

What you do is more important than what you say.

  • Honesty
  • Originality
  • Specificity



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