2 min readSep 16, 2020

On the 4th September, Sir Martin Sorrell sat down to talk with Anant Rangaswami for ZeeMelt 2020 and spilt some marketing wisdom.

If you missed it, let’s take a whistle-stop tour through a couple of the key parts:

How does he see companies changing their structures to face the post-lockdown reality?

Fairly valid question, really.

The central point of Sir Sorrell’s response was this: there is an increased need for companies to be more nimble (‘agility is number one’). The landscape has changed throughout the pandemic to one that requires flexibility to new concepts and practices. Old, analogue ways need to be able to adapt.

The pandemic has been an excuse for internal change agents to be brought to the fore and be given ‘more air-time’. It has been the ‘perfect storm’ ⛈ to push change through more rapidly.

Due to the global mutability of the last year, Sir Sorrell also surmised that we will see more ‘wiggle-room’ permitted within company frameworks in order to get things done. There has been an increase in experimentation (‘the marginal propensity to experiment’) that will become more evident post-lockdown.

What is the one recent positive change he has seen in the advertising industry?

When asked this question, Sir Martin Sorrell provided us with not only one but two positive changes he’s witnessed during his time in the industry (classic overachiever move).

  1. The Geographical Changes 🌏

Focalising his examples on the advertising industries of China, India, Brazil and Argentina, Sir Sorrell lauded their burgeoning prominence in global markets.

The improvement of diversity was the aspect he illustrated as one of the most important.

2. The Growth in Technologies 💻

The impact of the ever-changing tech-world has been polarising in the industry.

Sir Martin Sorrell made it clear which side he comes down on, declaring that ‘data informs technology but does not debase or devalue creativity’. He postulated that it can make marketing more powerful.

In embracing technology, he reflected that we need to do away with the ‘rose-tinted spectacles’ of the past. Being so concerned with what came before hinders what we can do now.

A helpful way to re-edify your own understanding of the subject matter with Sir Martin’s answers is to ask yourself the same questions — see where the perspective of an industry leader can lead you! 🧨

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